Who we are

Autronica and Infopro Digital Automotive specialise in the development of automotive software and technical data.

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Autronica is the Italian branch of Infopro Digital Automotive, an interdisciplinary leader in the development of automotive software and technical data for the automotive, agricultural and heavy vehicle sectors. In particular, we support the entire Automotive Aftermarket industry in the optimisation and digitalisation of business and commercial processes, thanks to technical databases, management software, and web applications.


Autronica srl is a company that has specialised in the distribution of technical information for repair and maintenance within the automotive sector. For over 25 years we have been a reliable partner alongside Italian mechanics in supplying automotive software and technical data (in compliance with the former Monti regulation now 461/2010). Each of our products is made with the quality and expertise that ensure we stand out on the market, together with the same passion for engines that we share with car repairers. Moreover, we are the Italian branch of INFOPRO DIGITAL AUTOMOTIVE, the automotive division of the international group Infopro Digital, based in Paris.

Infopro Digital

Founded in 2001 in France by Christophe Czajka, Infopro Digital is a leading group in international information and professional services. As a result of a careful acquisition policy and strong organic development in its six business areas (Insurance and Finance, Automotive, Public Sector, Construction, Retail, and Industry) Infopro’s success has been growing steadily year after year (almost 25% per year).

Infopro Digital’s activities are focused on the development of software, trade fairs, databases, digital devices, lead generation platforms, media, events, and training aimed at increasing their clients’ performance and productivity. The objective is to help them make the right decisions at the right time, thus increasing their business activities by generating new opportunities.

An international footprint

Infopro Digital Automotive supports its customers thanks to its widespread presence on the ground and to the group’s international growth policy.

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Our branches around the world

Our sales, development, marketing and training teams are multilingual and experienced in numerous types of configuration in the distribution of automotive software and technical data. They master not only turnkey offers but also the development of tailor-made solutiont that take into account the commercial and cultural specificities of each country.

ETAI and Inovaxo in France since 1946

ETAI Iberica and Isi Condal in Spain and Portugal since 1978

Autronica in Italy since 2006

HaynesPro in Germany, Spain, USA, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Great Britain, Romania, Switzerland, and Australia since 2020

The other companies behind Infopro Digital Automotive name


The heart of Infopro Digital Automotive. Leader in the field of French automotive technical publishing. Historical publisher of the Technical Automobile Magazine (Revue Technique Automobile) and of collation books dedicated to cars, over the years it has completed its business with a digital offer of software dedicated to repair and data methods, spare parts catalogues and workshop management software.
Since 2002, it has been part of the Infopro Digital group, thus expanding its portfolio of solutions for the entire automotive supply chain.

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Founded in 1995, and formerly known as Vivid Automotive Data & Media BV, HaynesPro is a leading European provider of technical automotive data via web services for the automotive aftermarket. Its range of data and solutions, VRM data, highly accurate identification systems, oil and lubricant information, and step-by-step car diagnostic data allow for the realisation of customised B2B projects to suit every need.

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Editor of software, global management solutions and ERPs dedicated to the tyre trade, tyre dealers and auto parts distribution.
Created from the merger of two companies, Cogeti and Logiwin, it is based in Nantes, Nancy and Niort. Inovaxo joined the Infopro Digital group in 2012.

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Etai Ibérica

ETAI Ibérica has been the Infopro Digital Automotive subsidiary in Spain since 1979. It is a well-established company in the automotive aftermarket sector in Spain, known for the quality of the technical content of its products and its thorough commitment to its customers.

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Isi Condal

Isi Condal is a company that is specialised (since 1993) in the development of software for auto parts distribution in Spain and is the latest company to join the Infopro group in 2021. Its main products, IsiParts and ì2ì, are known and appreciated by spare parts sales specialists throughout Spain.

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What we do

We are specialised in the collection, organisation and standardisation of manufacturer-sourced automotive technical data for vehicle repair and maintenance.
We produce car repair manuals, databases and software for car repairers and are therefore recognised as a reliable partner for workshops and companies.

As editor of the “Rivista Tecnica dell’Automobile” since 1946, we have developed a unique expertise in creating content that caters to the entire automotive aftermarket industry. Our products are dedicated to: garages, body shops, manufacturers, parts distributors, tyre specialists, insurers, equipment manufacturers, etc.

After being collected, our automotive technical data is processed and qualified by our experts. Following quality inspection, this information is then integrated into our software and published in our magazines or technical manuals in 11 countries in over 24 languages.

Infopro Digital Automotive software and technical data

With a proactive approach, Infopro Digital Automotive strives to support its customers in facing market changes and strengthen their competitiveness through two main business lines:

  • Automotive technical data processing and content production, integrated into multimedia and software solutions
  • Development of management solutions

Most of the tools and content we create are integrated and interfaced with all the tools available on the market, thus creating a wide range of solutions:

BtoB: methods and software for technical data, management solutions, spare parts catalogues, costing tools, web applications
BtoBtoC: predictive marketing, online quotation platforms, car inspection survey applications for garages, digital vehicle registration

For automotive aftermarket manufacturers, we design tailor-made B2B customisations.

Autronica range of products

Mission & Vision of the Automotive division


Our mission is to provide a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem for automotive aftermarket professionals, facilitating access to technical automotive information and helping them optimise the management of their business.


As a digital partner and thanks to our culture of innovation and automotive data, we accompany our customers’ ambitions, helping them to develop offers and services that will transform the automotive aftermarket.

Our history

autronica-chi-siamo-storia-sede-tavagnacco2020 is a year of great changes for Autronica. Thanks to significant company growth Autronica moves to Udine Nord, in the new and prestigious venue on via Nazionale in Tavagnacco, leaving its historical headquarters in Basaldella. In addition, two new programmes are launched: the GTA Pro workshop management software and the Atelio Aftermarket International spare parts catalogue. In June 2020, Infopro Digital Group goes public with the acquisition of HaynesPro, one of Europe’s leading providers of technical automotive data together with Infopro Digital Automotive. The merger of Haynes with Infopro Digital Automotive, of which Autronica is also the representative for the Italian market, brings IPDA to the top of the world market in professional automotive aftermarket information.


autronica-chi-siamo-storia-autronica-infoprodigital-automotive-logoIn 2019, following the commercial expansion of the group and the evolution of its image at a European level, Autronica also changes its image and presents itself to the market under the new Infopro Digital Automotive logo, like all the other subsidiaries in the Automotive hub.


Sales grew and so did the company to the point that in July 2016 it doubled its headquarters. Alongside the historic administrative headquarters, the new commercial and operational offices are located in via Adriatica 272, also in Basaldella di Campoformido.


2015 saw the start of another important collaboration with the First Stop tyre network. November 2015 saw the release of the new RTA, a result of the merger of the mechanics and electronics manuals (formerly EAV), totally in colour, with a completely new chapter organisation and new graphic elements that make it easier and faster to read.


In 2013 the company began working with the Euromaster Italia network to supply software for managing car services.


autronica-chi-siamo-storia-autronica-multimedia-logoIn 2012, the project to revise the Autronica Multimedia database was completed, and thanks to the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years it became the company’s flagship product.


In 2008 the Officina Atelier magazine was launched, now an informative web-magazine on the aftermarket world, and in 2010 the Equip-Garage website was launched, a search engine for equipment, chemicals and spare parts for garages.


ETAI-sede-galleryIn 2006 Autronica was acquired by ETAI, today known as Infopro Digital Automotive, joining the Spanish and Tunisian subsidiaries. Also in 2006, the agreement to supply the customised spare parts catalogue to the PSA group was finalised.


autronica-chi-siamo-storia-RTA-EAV2004 saw the first important contact with the French company ETAI (Automotive company of the Infopro Digital group, now Infopro Digital Automotive) which entrusted Autronica with the exclusive marketing in Italy of Rivista Tecnica dell’Automobile and Electronic Auto Volt, the two monographic manuals for car maintenance, and thus marked the company’s commercial turning point.


Gradually the business specialised in technical publishing and in 1998 the first Autronica technical database for car repairers was created, initially on floppy disk and then on DVD. The business spread across Italy, becoming a reference point for technical automotive information.


Autronica’s activity began with the organisation of specific training courses for mechanics. In 1994, the first product, AUTRONICA INFORM, was launched on the market, a collection of car breakdowns that had actually been found and solved, laying the foundations for future software.


Autronica srl was founded in 1992 in Basaldella di Campoformido by three partners and friends who shared the desire and passion to provide services to car repairers in the area.


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