Easy and effective search for technical data and repair methods

The main innovative development of Atelio Data concerns its practical and fast way of accessing information. Not only is it equipped with the most common searches by licence plate, make, model, or VIN, but the number of steps to reach the desired data has been considerably reduced.

The handy control panel, which can also be used on touch screens, allows you to view the history of your most searched vehicles. It also allows you to select your favourite models to appear first on the list.

A practical system of coloured labels makes it possible to immediately identify vehicles on which additional documentation is requested.

atelio data diagnosi guidata

Guided Diagnosis Assistance Module

One of the most advanced functions of Atelio Data is the ‘Electronics’ function, which helps technicians identify, locate and resolve malfunctions of electrical/electronic systems and components.

This module guides the technician through an electronic fault-finding process for engine management, brakes, airbags, transmission, steering and air conditioning.

Using it is simple: just select the vehicle model, the system of interest and the electronic component you want to focus on to make an initial diagnosis. The diagnosis assistance module will indicate the electronic measurements to be made, the position of the contact points of the measuring instruments and the correct value of the expected measurement (voltage, resistance, waveform).

Interactive electronic diagrams

While the guided diagnosis focuses on one part of the wiring, Atelio Data’s valuable circuit diagrams integrate complete circuit drawings. Using convenient buttons, the user can easily switch from a specific, concise schematic view of a single component to a more extensive view of the entire circuit. All drawings, specific or extended, are also fully interactive on mouseover.

Once the component schematic has been selected, it will be possible to change the component from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, view the picture, switch to the complete schematic, access the component location and zoom in for a clearer view of the component. Of course, fault codes can also be used to get to the specific circuit diagram by linking them with car faults and their related diagrams.

Dati tecnici e metodi di riparazione

Technical Support

Atelio Data provides unrivalled technical support through its users’ direct connection with Infopro specialists.

The service is seamlessly integrated into all database modules and is accessible from several places in the software.

Thanks to an easy-to-use form, requesting additional information on repair data and methods, maintenance plans, defects, and diagnoses is possible. Once the request has been sent to the technical department by e-mail, it is automatically integrated into the application, and its progress can be followed.

Response times are very fast, with a 95% positivity rate. All processed requests are then archived in one’s profile and remain searchable by the user either as a complete archive or as an archive per vehicle.

The core of Atelio Data

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repair methods

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car wiring diagrams

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automotive technical data

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