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The technical database for ambitious workshops

Autronica Multimedia helps car repairers manage vehicle maintenance, diagnostics, and repair procedures, with a team of experienced technicians providing constant assistance to users.

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Vehicle technical data and repair procedures at your fingertips

Autronica Multimedia helps you manage all your car repair activities in compliance with the requirements of car manufacturers. An easy-to-use search engine enables you to quickly search for all necessary technical data. The application is accessible from any web browser and navigating through the software is simple and user-friendly.

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Autronica Multimedia covers all vehicle technical data from the most common to the most complex

Autronica Multimedia covers all operations, from maintenance to highly technical procedures and bodywork. The specific data and information cover most workshop operations and the graphic images simplify every task in the workshop. As a repairer, you will have access to technical descriptions, illustrated methods, and numerous detailed images and wiring diagrams.

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Technical data and repair information linked to spare parts

Autronica Multimedia can be linked to our Atelio Aftermarket International spare parts catalogue. In a single product, you will have technical data combined with spare parts to follow every stage of the repair process, from creating a quotation to vehicle maintenance.

At the heart of Autronica Multimedia


repair methods

+500 k

car wiring diagrams


vehicle technical data


data on oils and liquids

The advantages of Autronica Multimedia

Vehicle technical data and repair information on demand with ADOC

ADOC is your ally when it comes to solving the most difficult cases you may encounter. When you need technical car data and additional specific repair information, a particular wiring diagram, or a detailed procedure, ask our ADOC technicians. They will look it up for you and save you valuable time.

A database tailored to your needs

Autronica’s customer service is at your disposal for the entire duration of your subscription to Autronica Multimedia.

Marketing as well as data

Autronica Multimedia is the only database that helps you promote your workshop thanks to our marketing dashboard. In the dedicated section, you will find an extensive collection of welcome cards and promotional coupons you can hand out to your customers.

Some examples of the repair procedures available in Autronica Multimedia

Banca dati auto Autronica Multimedia - Difetti Auto
Vehicle Breakdowns – repair information  
Difetti auto - informazioni di riparazione
ADOC form to request technical data and car repair information
esempio procedura di riparazione cinghia di distribuzione
Example of timing belt repair procedure
procedure di riparazione di Autronica Multimedia
An example of Autronica Multimedia’s car repair procedure
ricerca per targa di Autronica Multimedia
Autronica Multimedia licence plate search example