Ino’Check’s main functionalities


Reception and routine car checks in the workshop

With Ino’Check, you can annotate your customer’s needs on your PC to send the info directly to the mechanic who will receive it on his tablet. While in the workshop, the operator takes a more in-depth look at the vehicle’s unseen needs with the help of the workshop check sheets available on the tablet.

All the information collected is automatically fed into your management system, making it easier for you to create a quote.


Create additional quotes

Send additional quotes to your customer by text message or e-mail, enriched with photos taken during the inspection of the vehicle and any explanatory comments you would like to add.


Immediate quote validation

Your customer can validate the quote with one click from the comfort of their own home or office, while your ERP system receives and integrates the new maintenance information directly into the worksheet.


Send memos

When the vehicle enters the workshop, data regarding the state of its various parts are stored in the software. With this info at hand, you will be able to send out memos and invitations to your customers for checks and repairs.

This enables you to keep in touch with the customer at the right time and ensures customer satisfaction.

Ino’Check helps your car repair business grow


of extra workload in the workshop


of quotes converted into invoices


of inspections carried out converted into additional quotations

One service in several tools to manage routine car inspections in the workshop

With Ino’Check on your PC you can:

  • Create and set up workshop routine car inspection sheets and checklists
  • Monitor and display inspection sheets and their progress
  • Send additional quotes to customers via text message or e-mail
  • Manage lists for call-backs and memos

With Ino’Check on your tablet you can:

  • Assign the sheets to an operator and check the checklists
  • Add photos and comments to the worksheets
  • Send internal messages
  • Close the inspection sheet

Note: The tablet permanently synchronises information with your PC with Wi-Fi coverage, and can be used offline in areas without it.

Ino’Check is also available in France > Find out more