software gestionale e di fatturazione per officine GTA Pro computer e tablet

Management and invoicing software for workshops:
designed to meet the needs of automotive professionals

The workshop management and invoicing software GTA Pro supports your small workshop activities from start to finish. From the moment the vehicle enters the workshop to the moment it leaves, a range of professional functions help you manage appointments, quotes and invoices, right up to payment reminders.
All of these operations can be easily carried out with the aid of an intuitive dashboard.

software gestionale e di fatturazione per officine GTA Pro agenda

The GTA Pro Software appointment schedule

With GTA Pro you can manage your workshop calendar quickly and efficiently. From the calendar, you can create an appointment for each employee and each type of task, as well as indicate a brief description of the work that needs to be carried out.

Each appointment can be easily edited or deleted. Not only: by selecting it, you can also turn it into an estimate or a worksheet without having to enter the same data several times.

asoftware gestionale e di fatturazione per officine GTA Pro CRM Clienti

GTA Pro workshop management tool: customer database

The GTA Pro management software enables you to manage both your client and supplier data sheets by entering all their details (phone, email, payments, etc.), special customised rates (prices/discounts per client-item) together with personal comments, as needed.
From this list, you can edit the client data sheet, delete it, consult the history of the activities carried out and the vehicles associated with each client. In addition, you can manage payments, send reminders or print out different kinds of communications (such as reports on vehicle recalls, promotions, or overhauls) all while being able to create customised text messages or email templates that you can send whenever you want.
This means that all the data you may need will always be available and ready for use.

software gestionale e di fatturazione per officine GTA Pro veicoli

The GTA Pro vehicle database

In addition to managing your customer database, with GTA Pro you can also manage the vehicle fleet and associate several vehicles with the same client file. Through the management system, you can enter the vehicle’s features (number plate, make, model, registration number, …), enter notes and attach useful documents such as its registration certificate.
From this list, you can modify a vehicle and view the history of the work carried out.
Adding a new vehicle record is quick and easy.

asoftware gestionale e di fatturazione per officine GTA Pro fatture e preventivi

Invoicing with the workshop management software GTA PRO

GTA Pro is your new ally in the workshop because it’s not just a software that helps you with invoicing. It gives you the support you need during all phases of your work in the workshop.
From the invoicing menu, you can quickly and easily compile and create repair orders, quotes, invoices (including electronic invoices), credit memos, warranties, and repairs.

From your worksheet list, you can create electronic invoices by simply adding customer, vehicle, job description, parts and labour details required. All vehicle data can then be imported with a single, simple entry.
From this list, you can edit your document, turn an invoice into a memo and know whether the invoice has been paid or not.
Finally, you can create customisable printouts with your logo and all your workshop details.

Accepting and returning vehicles with the GTA Pro tablet

How you check-in and return a vehicle to its owner can really make a difference. Indeed, doing it in the proper way could generate additional turnover for your business.

GTA Pro comes to your aid thanks to its connection with the tablet application, with which you can quickly identify the vehicle, create and edit the work order, indicate the customer’s requirements, and send everything to the management system.
It also protects you from potential complaints by enabling you to indicate the bodywork’s condition at the moment of arrival (including tyre wear) with the help of photos and graphics.

software gestionale e di fatturazione per officine GTA Pro collegamento con catalogo ricambi

Quick quotes with the Atelio Aftermarket International spare parts catalogue: link it to GTA Pro!

GTA Pro also brings added value to Atelio Aftermarket International.

You can easily convert the quotations you make from our spare parts catalogue into electronic invoices by connecting it to GTA Pro, our workshop management software!

To find out more about Atelio Aftermarket International, visit the dedicated page.

Some screenshots from the workshop management and invoicing software GTA Pro

GTA Pro – customer file example GTA Pro – customer file example
GTA Pro – quotation example GTA Pro – quotation example
GTA Pro-esempio-planner-settimanale
GTA Pro – weekly planning example GTA Pro – weekly planning example
GTA Pro – Home page example GTA Pro – Home page
GTA Pro – vehicle datasheet example GTA Pro – vehicle datasheet example
GTA Pro – credit example GTA Pro – credit example

GTA Pro – Key Figures


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users every day

Our workshop management and invoicing software GTA Pro also allows you to customise:

Spare Parts

From this module, you can manage your spare parts stock in a very functional way.
From the menu, you can manage your items log by entering their reference code, description, and price, and view the number of spare parts you have in stock and supply entries.
Each spare part entered can be modified or deleted as necessary.


From this list, you can upload the material and labour required for a given repair job, your rates and other useful data such as reference codes, destinations and prices.
In this menu, you will also find fields you can fill in with the hours worked by your employees.
The data entered can be edited, deleted and the history can be consulted at any time.

Flat Rates

From this display, you can quickly and easily create all the flat rates you need. Simply enter the code, description, price, and composition of the one you wish to define.
From the list you created, it will also be easy to edit a flat rate, delete it or view its history.


To meet the exact needs of your repair shop, we offer GTA Pro in two versions: Access and Optimal.
Choose the one that best suits your business.

Invoices / Worksheets / Quotations / Credit notesYesYes
Entry excluding VAT or including VATYesYes
Client list and Vehicle listYesYes
Creation of spare partsYesYes
Flat ratesYesYes
Data HistoryYesYes
Payments and pending paymentsYesYes
Vehicle registration dataYesYes
Communications to clientsYesYes
Income, multiple payments/Editing of unconfirmed paymentsYesYes
Cheque management, remindersYesYes
Export accounts in Excel formatYesYes
Appointments AgendaYes
Management of employees’ working hoursYes
Spare parts stock managementYes
Document ModelsYes
Rate TablesYes
Supplier OrdersYes
Roadside assistanceYes
Vehicle LoanYes
Sending text messagesoptionaloptional
Tablet Vehicle Acceptance/Returnoptionaloptional

Our workshop management and invoicing software is also available in other languages