B2B customisation of automotive software and technical data

B2B customisation automotive software

Car software and technical data at the service of our customers to provide B2B customising for automotive companies and networks

Autronica believes in providing quality technical information and in offering B2B customisations that are truly at the service of companies and automotive networks.

For this reason, in addition to providing high-quality software and technical data on a ready-to-use basis, we want to go one step closer to our customers.
For over twenty years we have been working to provide automotive aftermarket companies with our knowledge and experience in the field of technical information for car repair.

Rich and diverse content to create B2B products
that meet the specific needs of companies and networks

As we know that every large company has its own specific needs, we are at the disposal of our customers to study and evaluate together solutions that can best meet the needs of their companies.

We provide ad hoc solutions from our technical databases of vehicle repair data, oils and lubricants, part numbers, procedures, and step-by-step manuals, which are the result of years of constant research by leading automotive companies.

B2B customisation automotive software

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Infopro Digital Automotive B2B customisation of automotive software

Our B2B customisation involves an in-depth study of each individual case

Analysis of customer needs and definition of goals

Design, business planning, and timing

Development and execution

Monitoring and inspection

Maintenance and further developments

B2B customisation of automotive software IPDA

A dedicated team will assist you throughout the project to ensure you get what you need

Our clients come from all sectors of the automotive aftermarket industry. With decades of experience, we know how to support them step by step in creating the right solution for them.

We work with and for them to optimise and digitise their activities and business processes, customising software and technical car data and ensuring that all technical information on our software is of manufacturer origin.

B2B customising for automotive companies and networks

All our products can be adapted to meet the specific needs of those who rely on us.

From our database of manufacturer-sourced technical vehicle information, Autronica Multimedia, we can perform fully customised data extraction. Not only that, but we can also create ad hoc databases that are tailored to the precise requirements of the customer.

Also our Atelio Aftermarket International online catalogue can be personalised, creating tailor-made catalogues that can be linked to our customers’ ERP systems.

GTA Pro, our workshop management software, also serves the specific needs of our business partners. Equipped with a management module designed for networks, it allows you to quickly and easily monitor and check the activity of all members and apply your own spare parts and pricing policy.

Finally, our Web Services are also at the customer’s complete disposal. If they need access to an automotive database for new products or automotive projects, we can provide high-level support. We can extract all the necessary data to assist them in the realisation of their project.

Some examples of B2B customisation for businesses

Here are a few examples of customisations and Business supplies provided by Autronica for key automotive customers.

Euromaster Estimator
DVD Osram
Atelio Doc customisation – Fixplus
Database customisation – First Stop
Tunap Database

We build relationships with our clients

We believe that providing quality technical data adds considerable value to the businesses that use our services.
That’s why we provide end-to-end solutions and are committed to creating specific, customised products that give our Business clients a competitive advantage by making their services efficient, connected, and fully integrated.

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