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The advantages of working with the Atelio Truck spare parts catalogue

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Vehicle identification based on 3 principles

Heavy vehicles are easily identified by VIN or make/model, while light commercial vehicles are identified by number plate.
For trailer axles, with Atelio Truck direct identification is possible by make/range/model/variant and by identification with brake dimensions.
It is also possible to access the axle body by entering the axle reference from the home page.

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Ever-increasing spare parts brand base

To date, there are more than 170 pieces of equipment integrated into the catalogue (heavy vehicles, light commercial vehicles, and axles).

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Repair methods and technical data

Atelio Truck, on request, has the option of integrating repair methods and technical data for heavy vehicles thanks to the access to the Diesel Technical Magazine.
The repair methods cover:
Engine | Front end | Clutch | Steering | Gearbox | Brakes | Suspension | Electrical system | Air conditioning.

In addition, all the tightening torques of the analysed vehicle are also available.

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