Our database Autronica Multimedia has been improved

banca dati autronica multimedia

On 22 January 2021, we performed an extraordinary maintenance on Autronica Multimedia, our database rich in technical data, in order to improve its functions and performance.

What has changed and what improvements have been made?

1. Research by make/model

All fields can now be filtered using the new text search filters, allowing you to get the data you need in a faster and more precise way.

Autronica Multimedia, Research by make and/or model

2. On Autronica Multimedia the number plate search has been improved.

Now you can filter the search results according to what you need and find them easily and accurately.

What’s more, the possibility of reporting if the search result is incorrect has been added with the “Not the vehicle you were looking for?” link.

Autronica Multimedia, ricerca per targa

3. The efficiency with which you can perform the tasks you need to carry out has been significantly improved

4. Improved the display of all replacement intervals in Autronica Multimedia 

The replacement intervals have been reorganised and put in alphabetical order. In addition, a table with all replacement options has been created for each component

Autronica Multimedia, intervalli di sostituzione

Shortened and simplified the search procedure for certain sections

Now the information appears immediately without the need to open an additional page, saving you valuable time.

Autronica Multimedia, percorso di ricerca semplificato

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