Atelio Aftermarket International catalogue: more than a spare parts catalogue

Autronica Atelio Aftermarket International catalogo ricambi

There are many car spare parts catalogues, but Atelio Aftermarket International, known as AMI, is much more than just a catalogue. This is why we have tried to illustrate it for you with an infographic.

Atelio Aftermarke International not only makes it possible to locate spare parts from the millions of codes on the market, but it also provides quick and easy quotes, car maintenance schedules and repair methods and data. It also allows you to place orders with your trusted supplier… All with a view to shortening the distance between the car workshop and the spare parts distributor.

Atelio Aftermarket International documentazione affidabile per guidare i vostri acquisti

Whether you are a car repairer or a distributor, Atelio Aftermarket International can be tailored to suit your needs and work habits.

For mechanics. AMI allows you to compare the selection and prices of AM parts with original parts and to issue accurate quotes thanks to the labour times provided by car manufacturers. In addition, you can issue detailed invoices complete with technical information so that your customers do not lose their car warranty. Finally, it allows you to consult technical data from the Autronica Multimedia and Atelio Doc databases.

For distributors. AMI allows a simple and instant setting of preferred suppliers and spare parts manufacturers, the optimisation of your stocks and the possibility of adapting the software to the commercial policies of your distribution networks. It allows you to publish commercial communications and promotions to your network of affiliated workshops directly on the catalogue homepage.

Atelio Aftermarket International catalogo personalizzabile

The Atelio Aftermarket International spare parts catalogue makes it possible to link the entire spare parts distribution chain by transferring orders and availability in just a few clicks from the workshop to the distributor and vice versa.

Atelio Aftermarket International compatibile per tutta la filiera di distribuzione automotive

To learn more and try Atelio Aftermarket International for yourself, request a free trial account HERE.

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