Software and technical data for workshops, body shops and tyre dealers

Technical database for cars, motorbikes and trucks, quotation software and workshop management software.

Software and technical data for car parts distribution

Spare parts catalogues, applications and management for spare parts and tyre distributors

Software and technical data for workshop networks and spare parts dealers

We customise all of our products to suit spare parts distribution networks and workshops.

B2B software and technical data for automotive businesses

All customisable Infopro Digital Automotive software and data for B2B companies

We develop software and technical data for the automotive aftermarket sector

With over 70 years of experience, Autronica and Infopro Digital Automotive create software and technical data for the automotive aftermarket.
Our mission is to assist our clients, parts distributors, and automotive repair professionals with tools that improve their daily work performance.
Our teams apply their expertise in processing automotive data and developing innovative solutions and applications that follow the ongoing transformations within the automotive industry.

75 years of expertise and know-how at the service of workshops, distributors, networks, and car manufacturers.

An international leader in the production of data and technical information for the car, motorbike, and truck sectors, Autronica and Infopro Digital Automotive (IPDA) support the entire automotive aftermarket sector with products that optimise both business and commercial processes.

We have been recognised as a benchmark publisher in terms of service quality and customer focus, and we develop solutions that enable aftermarket and repair professionals to fully manage their business in a global and integrated way.

A global range of products for the Automotive Aftermarket industry

Software and technical data for the automotive aftermarket

Car repairers

Software for repair methods and data

Workshop Management System

Technical Manuals

Software and technical data automotive

Spare parts dealers


Electronic spare parts catalogue

Tablet and smartphone applications

Software e and automotive technical data

Networks & businesses

Web service

B2B solutions

Online estimator

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automotive aftermarket software and technical data

Software for vehicle technical data and repair information for workshops – Autronica Multimedia

Vehicle technical data and repair information for all workshop procedures Autronica Multimedia is an easy-to-use and intuitive database that collects…

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Workshop management and invoicing software – GTA Pro

GTA Pro is the ideal workshop management and invoicing software to run your small car repair business. Designed to assist…

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Workshop manuals for car and motorbike repair professionals

A collection of workshop manuals for all kinds of operations. Expertly written by teams of experts, Autronica workshop manuals are…

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Software e dati tecnici per il post-vendita automotive - mappa

We have an established presence across Europe and abroad

Autronica srl is Infopro Digital Automotive’s Italian subsidiary.

Infopro Digital Automotive (IPDA) supports Automotive Aftermarket customers through several European subsidiaries, thanks to the international growth and expansion policy implemented by the Infopro group in recent years. We are proud to support customers and partners through the work of our teams and local contacts.

The automotive cluster consists of strong brands in the industry: ETAI, Inovaxo (France), ETAI Ibérica and Isi Condal (Spain), and Autronica (Italy). In 2020, HaynesPro, another leading provider of content and data for the automotive market, also joined Infopro Digital Automotive.


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